Chargeback Management

When you use Pago Merchant Solutions, you get the latest technology and high-end customer service your business needs. To help further your business and simplify your process, we offer turnkey chargeback management services. This service helps our customers dispute their chargebacks more effectively. With the support of our staff and the latest technology, we can customize your business’s chargeback management needs.

Benefits of Pago’s Chargeback Management Services:

  • You get a chargeback customer service representative to represent your business.
  • Our reps understand your industry and your business’s needs.
  • We manage your entire chargeback or offer you a self-service option that helps you be involved in the process.
  • Quick and easy contact options that include phone and email.
  • We analyze every chargeback and ensure it’s accurate and applicable. We also evaluate your chargeback history to reduce your company’s risk for chargebacks in the future.
  • We help simplify tracking chargebacks by offers online reporting and statements so that you can compare your chargebacks to your sales each month, quarter and year.
  • We contact card providers directly to make sure disputes are processed in the shortest time possible.

Chargeback Management Options

We offer Full-Chargeback Management Services:


This service processes all of your company’s chargeback issues. This solution assigns a representative to your chargebacks and contacts the proper organizations. We will conduct a monthly analysis of the chargebacks processed and we can offer you in-depth chargeback analysis reports to see where you’re losing your customers and how you can overcome it.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started with your own chargeback management account, contact us today by calling +1(786) 863-8322 (US) or +44 (0) 1 316 080 102 (UK) or by visiting the Apply Now page. We can pair your chargeback management service with our other merchant services for a fully customized solution